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A Comprehensive Sole Trader Accountancy Service
Embrace Sole Trading with all of the support you need
RR Accountants effective software package includes being able to talk to an expert client manager and a dedicated Accountant. You can count on RR Accountants to make you productive and profitable.

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+ VAT per month

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Why Service and Software really works?

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RR Accountants

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With you every step of the way

We pioneered the all-inclusive Service and Software model, revolutionising accounting by offering Finvera as a cost-effective solution, providing professionals with comprehensive tools to effectively manage their business finances and achieve maximum control.

Ensure you are as tax-efficient as possible

While running a business as a Sole Trader is straightforward, it may not be your most tax-efficient structure. RR Accountants offers advice on how to set up and run a Limited Company.

RR Accountants will ensure you can claim every viable business expense to offset the tax you pay. Your RR Accountants accounting costs can be offset against tax.

At £30,000 profit and above, it is almost certainly more tax efficient to start your own Limited Company. Ask for a free Tax Computation from your expert advisor.

If you have already chosen the Sole Trader product, do check with your Client Manager when will be the right time to upgrade to the Limited Company product so you can save on tax.

VAT Return

VAT due on Sales£1,320.00
VAT due on Purchases£50.00
Total VAT due£1,370.00
Reclaimable VAT£500.00
Saving you time and money
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We're here to happily support anyone who needs a hand with their accounting needs
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We believe everything should be easy, so we've built the most intuitive accounting software ever, with real experts at the touch of a button. All in one place.

Helping Sole-traders since 2010

We really are the experts.

Ideal for freelancers & self-employed

Perfect for under £35K earners

ACCA & AAT qualified accountants

Our expert accountants follow the bylaws, regulations, and ethical guidelines of the ACCA.

Save time and money, we file on your behalf

We ask you a few questions to prepare all of the information for HMRC and then get filing.

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Self Assessment
Unlimited accountancy support
HMRC registration (UTR)
Dedicated client management
Trusted accountancy for over 5,000+ clients across the UK.
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Ease of set up
There is a simplistic three-step process to start out as a Sole Trader in the UK.
Let HMRC know that you are self-employed
Register for Self Assessment as a Sole Trader
Pick a business name
Then you are effectively free to start trading immediately, and there is no need to register with Companies House.
Less administration
As a Sole Trader you have to keep accurate records of sales and expenses. Operating in this manner is simple because you are only submitting a Self Assessment (and maybe a VAT return).
Being a Sole Trader is the perfect starting point in setting up a business. It is simply the term to describe the running a business as a single operator or with a team, but without any legal framework around the business.
Fewer costs
You do not need to employ the services of a solicitor nor company formation agent. If you choose to use an accountant, their costs can also be cheaper as there are far fewer statutory filings and reporting deadlines. You also will not have to pay a registration fee to Companies House.
More privacy
You are protected by HMRC’s taxpayer confidentiality rules as a Sole Trader. With your details kept private, your rivals will have less information about you that makes it more difficult for them to size you up and compete.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about sole traders.

What is a Sole Trader, and how does it differ from other business structures in the UK?

A Sole Trader is an individual running their own business without forming a separate legal entity. Unlike limited companies, sole traders have unlimited personal liability for business debts.

How do I register as a Sole Trader in the UK?

Think of an accountant like a financial guide. They help you manage your money, handle taxes, offer business advice, and keep your financial records tidy.

What are the tax implications for Sole Traders in the UK?

Think of an accountant like a financial guide. They help you manage your money, handle taxes, offer business advice, and keep your financial records tidy.

Can a Sole Trader employ staff in the UK?

Think of an accountant like a financial guide. They help you manage your money, handle taxes, offer business advice, and keep your financial records tidy.

What is the financial liability of a Sole Trader?

Think of an accountant like a financial guide. They help you manage your money, handle taxes, offer business advice, and keep your financial records tidy.

What is the financial liability of a Sole Trader?

Think of an accountant like a financial guide. They help you manage your money, handle taxes, offer business advice, and keep your financial records tidy.

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Information Hub

Helpful Sole Trader resources

Looking for sole trader advice and guidance before paying for our service? We've got you covered.

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Who We Are
It began with an idea.
Mr. Rashid set out to make accounting useful, with a focus on business plans and real-time and forward-looking data. And by using the data more intelligently (and combining it with some clever technology),
a firm was set up to provide everything entrepreneurs could ever need in one place.
Features of our software
Get what you paid for RR Accountants back in a year through tax hacks, expert advice and more.
Create Invoices & Get Paid
Create and send invoices using our premium templates. Then set up payments reminders to chase late customer payments.
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Expense Management
Accurately track your business miles and convert them into mileage to claim back as expenses on your tax return.
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Bank Feeds
Automatically pull transactions from your bank accounts & credit cards before quickly categorising and confirming them.
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Inventory Management
Manage your inventory, automatically track your stock levels and add product or service items to your invoices.
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Track your transactions with our cutting-edge tools to maintain profitability and access financial reports on each project you undertake.
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Receipts Uploads
Keep all your records and receipts in one place. Simply upload and attach them to your transactions.
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Discover our accounting software, and say goodbye to receipt hassles! Capture, click, and complete bookkeeping with our free receipt management software. Bookkeeping at your fingertips: fast and easy with our mobile app.
services all in one
Whether you're just starting out, or optimising your business, we have the resources and networks to ensure your business achieves its growth potential.
Service Features for sole traders
Year End Accounts
End your fiscal year with our expert year-end accounting solutions, ensuring accuracy and timely submission every time.
Simplify your payroll process with our effective payroll solutions, ensuring timely payments and full compliance with each pay cycle.
Our bookkeeping service is here to maintain your accounts, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best – managing your business, with our Certified Chartered Accountants ready to assist.
VAT Submission
Submitting and filing your VAT return to HMRC is a breeze. RR Accountants processes returns through HMRC-compatible software MTD (Making Tax Digital) on a quarterly basis.
Performance Reviews
You only see them once a year, you leave with a massive bill and you dread it every time. No, we’re not speaking about the dentist. We’re talking about traditional accountants. But with Annual and Quarterly Catch-Ups, that will be a thing of the past.
RR Accountants One-to-One
Connect with our live video service, where you can talk to our client managers or accountants at a time that's convenient for you.
Free Accounting Consultation
Outsourced Finance Department
UK Film Tax Relief
Corporation Tax Filing
Legal Support
Virtual Office
Free Company Formation
Accounting packages
Capital Gains Tax
Running your own business can be challenging so why not let RR Accountants manage your tax, accounting, bookkeeping and payroll needs? If you are not receiving the service you deserve from your accountant, then perhaps it’s time to make the switch?
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