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Affiliate Referral Scheme

Trust in our services enough to recommend us to others? We've got a special way to say thanks. When your referral signs up for our accountancy support, you'll unlock exclusive rewards as our gesture of appreciation. Join us in shaping a successful financial future together!

£150 for Limited Companies

£80 for Sole Traders

Why Refer RR Accountants

When you share our name with your network, you're not merely suggesting another accounting service. You're introducing them to a dynamic, forward-thinking approach that covers the full spectrum of financial management. From precise bookkeeping to seamless payroll, VAT returns, and expert self-assessment, we've got it all covered.

How Much Can You Earn?

Our referral programme is both simple and rewarding. When you refer a sole trader to us and they become a client, you'll receive a generous £80 reward. And if your referral is a company that signs up with us, your reward increases to £150. It's our way of showing appreciation for your trust in us.


How to Refer and Earn

Step 01

Register your interest

To initiate the process, simply express your interest by registering. Let us know you're keen on joining the programme.

Step 02

We'll Get in touch

We'll get in touch to gain a deeper understanding of your audience so we can better serve you.

Step 03

We'll get you set up

We'll hook you up with a special link to share with your crew so we can track your referrals.

The More You Refer,
The More You Earn

There's no cap on how many businesses you can refer to us at RR Accountants. The greater the number of businesses you introduce to our top-notch, all-encompassing accounting services, the more rewards you'll unlock.

Eager to leverage your network to the fullest? Begin referring today and start reaping the rewards with RR Accountants.

How does the affiliate Scheme work?

Bringing a business into the RR Accountants fold is a breeze. Whether you meet a potential referral at a networking event, during a business meeting, or just hanging out, simply share your unique referral code. They can easily use it when signing up for our services on our website. Or, you can directly sign them up using your personalised referral link.

What's in it for you?

Our referral programme isn't just about earning some extra cash—it's about unlocking endless possibilities. When you introduce a sole trader to us and they become part of the RR Accountants family, you pocket a cool £80. And if you refer a company, that reward jumps to a whopping £150.

But here's where it gets exciting: there's no limit to the number of businesses you can refer. Your earning potential? Totally unlimited!

What's in it for your audience?

When a business signs up for our services with your referral code, they're in for a treat—a hefty 10% discount off their accounting fees for the first year.

We're not just about offering competitive rates; we're about giving your contacts exceptional value. Let's make sure they get the best bang for their buck with our top-quality accounting services. Spread the word, and let's make it happen!

Please remember that our referral scheme is subject to terms and conditions. Be encouraged to review them before joining.
Are you currently a client, or do you have a one-time referral to make?

For single referrals, you can skip the affiliate setup. Just opt for our Client Referral Scheme instead.

Register your interest


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