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Dormant Company Accounts
Dormant Company
Practice Manager

Is it time for your dormant company's yearly accounting tasks? Let us help you get everything done and filed on time.

£69.99 +VAT

What are Dormant Company Accounts?

Is your company not doing business at the moment but still needs to file annual accounts? No problem; we're here to help. Our experts specialise in managing Dormant Company Accounts, making sure you meet all the Companies House rules without any hassle.

Leave the paperwork to us and focus on getting back on track.

What are the filing requirements for a dormant company?
Annual Accounts
Dormant company accounts consist solely of a balance sheet and pertinent notes. Filing must be completed within 9 months from the accounting reference date (ARD). We ensure accurate and timely submissions. Trust us!
Annual confirmation statement (Annual return)
Filing this document is essential to verifying that your company's key details, such as its name and registered office address, are accurate in the Companies House records. You're required to submit it within 12 months from your accounting reference date (ARD). Let us handle this task for you with precision and accuracy.

What format should be used for preparing accounts and confirmation statements for dormant companies?

Yes, Companies House sets the format for preparing annual company accounts. It covers both the figures and the accompanying notes for thorough reporting.

What happens if the accounts and confirmation statement are not filed correctly or experience delays?

Failing to file your accounts with Companies House on time could result in penalties ranging from £150 to £1,500. Moreover, neglecting to submit your confirmation statement is considered a criminal offence and may lead to severe repercussions, including compulsory removal from the Companies House register.

Looking to have your Confirmation Statement and Dormant Company Accounts filed?
Our comprehensive package offers an efficient and budget-friendly solution. It combines two essential services—Dormant Company Accounts and Confirmation Statement filing—into one convenient offering at a special price. Simplify your compliance needs with our bundled services.
Dormant Company Accounts and Confirmation
Statement Package
If your company is Limited by Shares or Limited by Guarantee and has never traded, it must submit a confirmation statement and dormant company accounts. Our service takes care of preparing and filing both of these documents for you, including the Company House fee. Simplify your compliance process with us.
£39.99 +VAT

What do you need from me to get all this done?

To initiate the filing process for both the accounts and confirmation statement, kindly furnish us with your 6-digit alphanumeric authentication code. Additionally, please verify:

Whether any key details of the company have changed, necessitating an update for the confirmation statement.

Any transactions during the accounting year requiring inclusion in the filed accounts.

What if I have questions and need some guidance before I make a decision?
Our team of tax experts is readily available to assist you with any questions you may have. With years of experience in navigating Companies House and HMRC regulations, our professionals are well-equipped to provide guidance tailored to your needs. Plus, we're pleased to offer you 10 minutes of complimentary initial advice to get started.

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Frequently asked questions about

Dormant Company Accounts

What is a dormant account?

A dormant account refers to a bank or financial account that has had no activity for an extended period, usually ranging from six months to a year, depending on the institution's policy.

Why might my account become dormant?

If there hasn't been any money moving through your account for a predetermined amount of time—such as deposits, withdrawals, or transactions—it may become dormant.

Can I still access funds in a dormant account?

Yes, you can still access funds in a dormant account. However, you may need to follow specific procedures set by the bank to reactivate the account, such as providing identification and updating contact information..

Are there any fees associated with dormant accounts?

Some banks may charge dormant account fees if there has been no activity for an extended period. These fees vary depending on the institution's policies and can include monthly maintenance fees or account reactivation fees.

Do I still need to pay taxes even if my account is dormant and I'm no longer conducting business?

If your account is dormant and you're not actively conducting business, you may not have tax obligations related to business income. However, you may still have personal tax obligations depending on your individual circumstances, such as income from other sources or assets. It's advisable to consult with a tax professional or accountant to assess your specific situation and determine any tax liabilities or requirements you may have.

How can I prevent my account from becoming dormant?

To prevent your account from becoming dormant, ensure that you have regular financial activity, such as making deposits or withdrawals. Additionally, keep your contact information updated with the bank to receive notifications about your account status.

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