Employment Status Check Management or Control

Aspects to contemplate for your employment status are listed below…
• Being self-employed or just employed. That’s obviously a decision you are not allowed to make.
• What kind of management or control are you in
• What sort of equipment do you use
• How much you earn
• What are your intentions and what benefits do you get
Features that should be considered by law, are the employees role, holiday pay, maternity/paternity pay and national insurance. The decision is usually made by the employer itself. Consequences will be made if anything comes as false. Our staff will 100% give support and give our opinions to help however, the ultimate decision is down to the client.

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    Saleena Khny

    Amazing Staff! They answered any questions I had about being self-employed.. so nerve-wracking when you've never been self-employed..they told me all my job was keeping receipts and the rest they will take care of.. and they did exactly that would defo recommend

    Tariq Mehmood

    Hi I am dealing with RR Accountants since 2009 and found a very great and friendly service. Also, I found them very Honest and loyal with all clients that's why I always recommend RR accountant to my all friends.

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    Nazar Ali Khan

    Excellent and friendly service. All the staff is very competent and professionally sound. Simply I can say don't waste your time contact the RR Accountant immediately to resolve your personal tax and accounts matters.

    Mubasher Hussain

    Best accountants in Birmingham. Using them for the last 8 years, keep up the good work.