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RR Accountancy Group

Accounting Consultations & Advice

At RR Accountants, our affordable packages offer access to a Genius Accountant and a Knowledgeable Client Manager. Partnering with us enhances profitability and efficiency.

Ask a question or request specialist advice from our UK accountants!

Are you a startup or a small business looking to expand? Need help raising funds or guidance on accounting and tax returns?

Achieving significant milestones is no easy feat. Our team of diligently working accountants understands how to overcome the challenges, whether you're just starting out or already established. But still you're unaware of certain crucial business aspects.

We efficiently use state-of-the-art accounting systems and provide tax assistance through one-on-one communication.

Despite our expertise, we won't use technical terms to confuse you.


Free Accounting Consultation Services that RR Accountants provide:

Please note: The initial consultation we offer is 15 minutes long. If you require further advice then there will be an additional fee.

Free Accounting Consultations for Limited Companies

With a variety of software that is compatible with our clients, RR Accountants provides comprehensive online services that are both reasonably priced and flawlessly efficient, ensuring full customer satisfaction.

When you reach out, we ensure 100% compliance from registration to managing your company's accounts. We also proactively assist businesses in maximising their accounting tools.


What Services Do Limited Company Accountants Provide?

Preparation of a broad business plan

Support and advice on incorporation

Assistance with structuring

Providing incorporation services

Overseeing statutory paperwork

Registering with Companies House

If you would like further advice or more information, for a free Limited Companies Accounting Consultation.

Additional Services We Offer:

Secretarial duties and registered office address (ROA) services

Registering with the HMRC

VAT registration and VAT return services

Ascertaining relationships with banks, insurers, etc.

Research and review

Bookkeeping Services

Payroll Duties

Guidance with corporate and tax return planning

Management accounts

Free Accounting Consultations for Small Businesses

Starting a small business can be quite daunting, which might get more complicated considering all the financial obligations underway.

For small business owners, time is the key to their business success, and this is where small business accounting comes into play.


What can a Limited Company Accountant Do For You?

Business Plan Preparation

Advice with regards to incorporational support.

Structural assistance.

Statutory paperwork management.

Overseeing statutory paperwork

Assistance in company house registration.

For expert advice or work-related queries, claim your free accounting consultation right away!

Additional Services We Offer:

Services like ROA (registered office address) and secretarial responsibilities

HMRC registration.

VAT related services like VAT registration and return

Creating and maintaining relationships with relevant entities like banks, insurers, etc.

Research, review and progress repor

Bookkeeping Services

Payroll Duties

Assistance with corporate and tax return strategizing

Account management

Free Accounting Consultations for Business Start-ups

Creating a catchy company name is just the beginning of starting a startup business. With the several obligations that come with running a business, it's wise to partner with a startup-focused accounting agency like us unless you're experienced in tax law or have launched businesses before.


Here’s how RR Accountancy Group can help you

Create a comprehensive business plan

Help setting up a limited corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, or limited liability partnership

As and when required, assistance with company secretarial tasks and formation

Registering a company with HM Revenue and Customs

Prepare yearly accounts and conduct an annual audit, if needed.

Contact us if you need any additional guidance or information for a free limited company accounting consultation.

Establish relationships with insurance, banks, and other entities.

Review and analyze cash flow forecasts and assess the need for financing

Payroll tasks, VAT returns, high-quality accounting software, and bookkeeping services

Guide with Tax Return Planning

Prepare Management Accounts

Free Accounting Consultations for Sole Traders

A sole-trader business is easy to set up. Begin your company operations and ensure that you submit a self assessment return to HMRC at the start of the year.

There is complete independence from the complexities of managing employees, and very few legal requirements to comply with. Your primary responsibility is to make timely payment of your income taxes.


Our Sole Trader Accounting Services Include:

Your tax liability computation.

Completing and filing your tax return

Coordinating with your bank, stockholders, and building society to collect your annual returns data.

Guidance on your due payments.

Updating you with appropriate tax-saving suggestions

In case you would like further information and suggestions for a free limited Companies accounting consultation.

Advising on appropriate record retention

Representing you in case you have been selected for investigation by HMRC

Free Accounting Consultations for Property & Buy to Let

It is essential to acquire properties under a limited company rather than in your personal name, which may offer enhanced accounting and tax safeguards.

In short, opting for a limited company for buy-to-let consolidates your assets and non-rental duties into one business entity.


Here's How RR Accountants Can Assist You!


Buy to let as a limited company

Self-assessment tax returns for landlords

Limited Company Accountancy

Rental income planning

Specialised property accountancy

Tax relief on mortgage interests

Capital gains taxation services

Limited company SVP

Inheritance income tax

General buy to let advice

Saving money on stamp duty

Stamp duty expertise

At RR Accountants, our dedicated accountants work closely with landlords and are up-to-date with various acquisition methods and structures. If you would like further advice, then please contact us for a free buy to let accounting consultation.

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Features of our software

Get what you paid for RR Accountants back in a year through tax hacks, expert advice and more.
Create Invoices & Get Paid
Our premium software lets you create and send invoices without hassling away. Besides, we help you set up payment reminders to ensure prompt and timely payments are made by customers.
Find out more
Managing Expenses
For your tax return, we assist you with easy tracking of business miles and convert them into expenses.
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Get access to automatic import transactions from your bank accounts and credit cards, then categorise them accordingly.
Find out more
Inventory Management
Efficiently and effortlessly manage inventory, track levels of available and sold stock, and include product/service items in invoices.
Find out more
Make use of our cutting edge tools to track daily transactions, maintain profitability record sheet, and access project-wise financial reports.
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Receipts Uploads
Get help in easily organising your record, be it receipts or statements, by uploading and attaching them directly to transactions.
Find out more
Discover stress-free bookkeeping with our innovative accounting software. Simplify receipt management with our free tool. Our intuitive mobile app makes bookkeeping fast and effortless—no more hassles, just convenience at your fingertips.

Software all in oneSoftware all in one

Whether you're just starting out, or optimising your business, we have the resources and networks to ensure your business achieves its growth potential.

Service Features

Year End Accounts
For smooth tax filing, salary calculation, and final accounts, get experts’ advice!
Strategize your payroll operations with a structured RR Accountants framework. From timely payments to full compliance, our expert accountants are capable of smoothly running each pay cycle.
Our bookkeeping service is designed to handle your accounts, allowing you to dedicate your time to what you excel at: overseeing your business. The Certified Chartered Accountants are prepared to offer assistance whenever needed.
VAT Submission
Easily submit and file your VAT return to HMRC with RR Accountants without enduring any stress. We process returns using MTD (Making Tax Digital) compliant software every quarter.
Performance Reviews
Encounters with them happen just once a year, accompanied by a hefty bill that you dread each time—and no, we're not referring to the dentist. We're talking about outmoded accountants.
RR Accountants One-to-One
Engage with our live video service, providing you the opportunity to converse with our client managers or accountants at a time that suits your schedule.
Free Accounting Consultation
Outsourced Finance Department
UK Film Tax Relief
Corporation Tax Filing
Legal Support
Virtual Office
Free Company Formation
Accounting packages
Capital Gains Tax
Discover seamless business management with RR Accountants. Delegate your tax, accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll responsibilities to us. Our clients refer us to those facing challenges and roadblocks along their journey. Are you unsatisfied with your current accountant? Embrace change!

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