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Instant Legal Support: Your Business Helpline

Simplify Your Business Life: All-in-One Accounting & Legal Support

Focus on your business, not the back office. Our all-in-one solution combines expert accounting with affordable legal advice from qualified professionals. Flexible plans keep costs manageable, so you can thrive.
One Stop: Accounting & Legal.
Running a business is demanding. Don't waste time juggling multiple providers. Our partnership with Accountax Legal (authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority) offers a comprehensive solution.

For a low monthly fee, you get:

• 24/7/365 Legal Helpline: Get quick and efficient resolutions to everyday legal issues.

• Unlimited Friendly Advice: Our experts are available to answer your questions on employment, health & safety, and general legal matters.
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Get Expert Employment Law Advice
Employment law is complex, and even minor missteps can lead to hefty fines or drawn-out legal battles. That's why partnering with an experienced employment lawyer is crucial.

Our trusted partner, Accountax Legal, specialises in all aspects of employment law, including:
Employment Rights & Responsibilities
Discipline & Grievance
Employment Contracts
Employee Disputes
Safeguard Your Business: Health & Safety Expertise
Don't let health & safety become a burden on your business. With hefty fines and rising legal costs associated with safety breaches, ensuring compliance is more important than ever. Our partnership with Accountax Legal puts a team of experts at your fingertips. They'll help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of health & safety regulations, ensuring you understand your employer responsibilities and implement effective protocols to minimise risks in the workplace.
Commercial advice
Don't let legal challenges derail your business. From lawsuits to debt collection disputes, our team of commercial law experts, partnered with Accountax Legal, is here to support you. We offer quick connections and strategic guidance to help you achieve the best possible outcome for any legal issue.
Get expert guidance, secure your success. Talk to a professional today
Employment law
Health & safety
Commercial matters

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Frequently asked questions about

Business Litigation Support

What is a legal business helpline, and how can my business benefit from it?

In order to successfully navigate complex legislation, the Legal Business Helpline provides immediate assistance on employment, health and safety, startups, the company registration process, and company liquidation from professionals.

Can I get advice on legal matters specific to my industry or niche from the business helpline?

Yes, our legal professionals have experience in a variety of industries and can offer customised counsel to meet the particular legal issues that your company is facing.

Can the business helpline assist with legal document review and drafting?

Yes, our legal professionals will review contracts, agreements, policies, compliance, and other legal papers, as well as help you develop bespoke documents to match your company's specific requirements.

How can I use the business the helpline services, and what are the costs?

You can contact our business helpline by phone or email, and our team will respond shortly. The costs of using the helpline are transparent and based on a reasonable hourly charge or fixed fee for specific services.

How can I ensure that my business complies with current rules and regulations?

Our legal business helpline offers advice on current regulations, tax compliance, reporting obligations, and internal control procedures to ensure compliance.

What legal issues should I be aware of when expanding my business internationally?

Our legal professionals can offer guidance on international business legislation, trade regulations, tax consequences, overseas market entry tactics, and compliance with local laws and customs.

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