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IR35 Insurance

Stay IR35 Compliant:

Get Insured & Reviewed

Protect yourself from IR35 risks. Get both insurance and review starting at £74.50.
Secure Your IR35 Status: Full Contractor Review
Our in-depth review analyzes both your contract and working practices, solidifying your compliance and equipping you with key evidence. This demonstrates proactive steps taken towards establishing your outside-IR35 status for HMRC.
Unsure about your IR35 status? Let's find out!
Originally, only the public sector had end client responsibility for IR35 (introduced in 2017). This approach expanded to the private sector in 2021, creating a consistent system across both.
How do they make a difference?
An IR35 contract review safeguards you by:
Demonstrating your effort to understand IR35 and comply with regulations.
Strengthening your case if your status is questioned by HMRC.
Providing expert guidance if you need to challenge tax decisions.
This review protects you and strengthens your position in the face of IR35 complexities.
How does a contract review assess my IR35 status?
Our experts at RR Accountants can recommend practice changes to ensure your contract stays outside IR35.
Get expert assessment to determine if your contract falls within IR35 boundaries.
Assessing the written agreement and your working practices through a comprehensive questionnaire to provide status opinions
Receive recommendations for enhancing compliance to ensure your contract remains outside IR35.
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Frequently asked questions about


Does IR35 apply to non-UK residents?

Yes, IR35 legislation can apply to non-UK residents who provide services to UK-based clients through a personal service company (PSC). However, its applicability depends on various factors, including the individual's residency status and the nature of their work.

How much does IR35 insurance cost?

The cost of IR35 insurance varies depending on factors such as coverage limits, the size of the policy, and the insurer. Premiums can range from a few hundred to several thousand pounds annually.

Can contractors and businesses purchase IR35 insurance?

Yes, IR35 insurance policies are available to both contractors and businesses, providing tailored coverage to meet their specific needs and circumstances.

What is the difference between inside and outside IR35?

Inside IR35 refers to contractors who are deemed to be working in a manner similar to employees for tax purposes, subject to PAYE taxes. Outside IR35 refers to contractors who operate as genuine businesses and enjoy more favorable tax treatment.

What are the consequences of being caught by IR35?

Being caught in violation of IR35 may result in increased tax responsibilities, fines, penalties, and potential legal issues with HMRC.

How can I prepare for IR35 changes?

To prepare for IR35 changes, contractors and businesses should assess their working arrangements, seek professional advice, and consider IR35 insurance.

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