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VAT Registration


Ensure compliance. Register for VAT quickly. Turnover more than £85,000? Let's simplify the registration process!

What is VAT Registration?

Count on RR Accountants for expert VAT advice, efficient HMRC registration, and strategic tax savings.

We ensure compliance and financial efficiency, guiding you seamlessly through the registration process.

As your trusted VAT consultant, we prioritise swift HMRC registration to streamline your operations effectively.


Further details


Order this product for Sole Trader, Limited Company, LLP, Charity, or Non-Profit formations. It is also available as an additional service for already-existing entities.

It is included in our Instant Trading package.

Process Time
As registration typically takes 4-7 weeks, but at RR Accountants, we expedite the process. Even during this period, you can reclaim VAT on company goods bought up to 4 years before registration and services acquired 6 months before registration. Trust us for swift and efficient VAT registration and reclaim processes.
Important notes
This service does not include VAT advice.
VAT Registration
Register yourself for VAT with HMRC, and ensure your setup is accurate and complete.
Inclusive of standard postal charges and service fees.
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Frequently asked questions about

VAT Return

Who needs to register for VAT?

Businesses with taxable supplies exceeding the VAT registration threshold (currently £85,000) within a 12-month period must register for VAT.

Is VAT mandatory?

Yes, VAT registration is compulsory for businesses whose taxable turnover exceeds the registration threshold set by HMRC

What are the VAT exemptions and zero-rated supplies?

Certain goods and services, such as most food items and children's clothing, are exempt from VAT, while zero-rated supplies are taxed at 0% VAT rate.

What are the penalties for late VAT registration or filing?

Penalties for late VAT registration or filing include fines, interest charges on outstanding VAT payments, and potential legal action by HMRC.

Can I reclaim VAT on business expenses?

VAT-registered businesses can reclaim VAT paid on eligible business expenses, such as purchases of goods and services directly related to their business activities.

Are there special VAT rules for e-commerce businesses?

Yes, e-commerce businesses may have to comply with special VAT rules, including the VAT MOSS scheme, depending on the nature and location of their transactions.

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