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UK Film Tax Relief

Maximise tax savings: utilise film tax relief and minimise and reduce corporation tax

Embarking on theatrical film production? Curious about film tax relief eligibility? Relax, RR Accountants is here to handle your tax. Let's explore together, calculate your potential claims, and ensure your cinematic journey is financially supported and successful.

Calling all filmmakers aiming for theatrical releases

Maximize your tax savings with Film Tax Relief.
Boost your film's credibility with British Film Institute certification.
Unlock tax relief by incurring at least 10% of core costs in the UK.
Let RR Accountants lead your eligibility journey for cinematic financial success!
Lights, camera, deductions! When it comes to film tax relief, channel your core expenses into the heartbeat of your pre- & post-production and principal photography. At RR Accountants, we're not just number crunchers; we're your backstage pass to active company involvement in planning, negotiating, contracting, and payment processes.
To qualify for creative industry tax relief, your company must pass a cultural test. RR Accountants will guide you through the process. Film tax relief offers up to 25% of eligible UK-qualifying expenditure. Additionally, RR Accountants can assist you with available creative sector tax reliefs, which include:
Video games
Premium television
Television programming for children
Exhibitions in museums and galleries
Why delay? Let's assess your eligibility for creative tax relief and significantly lessen your tax liability.
Our Complete Guide To Film Tax Relief Filing Services:
Enhance Your Film Tax Relief Process with RR Accountants:
Enhance Your Film Tax Relief Journey with RR Accountants:
Expertise in cultural test requirements
Effortless handling of HMRC inquiries
Thorough assessment of eligibility
Accurate claim preparation
Tailored advice for optimal relief
Rely on RR Accountants to Optimize Your Film Tax Relief Experience!
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We proactively innovate solutions, thinking outside the box to maximize tax savings or long-term profitability.


Our people-centric environment cultivates loyalty and job satisfaction among a team devoted to meeting your needs and reducing business complexities.

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We approach accounting with innovation and transparency, emphasizing creative problem-solving skills and a straightforward approach.

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Frequently asked questions about

Film Tax

What does the film tax relief filing service include?

Our film tax relief filing service is designed to assist companies that produce films for theatrical release in claiming eligible tax relief. We handle the process of filing for film tax relief, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, and maximising your tax benefits.

Who is eligible to utilise your film tax relief filing services?

Our film tax relief filing services are available to companies involved in the production of films intended for theatrical release. Whether you're a production company, independent filmmaker, or part of a larger studio, we can help you navigate the complexities of claiming film tax relief.

What types of films qualify for film tax relief?

Films eligible for tax relief include those produced for theatrical release, meeting certain criteria outlined by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). These criteria typically include factors such as cultural significance, production costs, and the use of UK-based talent and resources.

How does claiming film tax relief help minimise corporation tax?

By successfully claiming film tax relief, eligible companies can offset a portion of their production costs against their taxable profits, thereby reducing their corporation tax liability. This leads to significant savings for companies engaged in film production activities.

What is the process involved in filing for film tax relief?

The process of filing for film tax relief involves gathering relevant documentation, such as production budgets and expenditure records, and submitting a claim to HMRC. Our experienced team will guide you through each step of the process, ensuring accuracy and compliance with HMRC guidelines.

What's unique about your film tax relief filing services?

Our film tax relief filing services are tailored to the unique needs of companies in the film production industry. With our in-depth knowledge of tax regulations and industry practices, we can help you optimise your claim and maximise your tax savings, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.

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Are you ready to claim film tax relief?
Explore the unparalleled benefits of collaborating with RR Accountants for your film production company. Your aspirations are at the heart of our mission, and we're dedicated to realising your goals. Let's take your film venture to new heights together, crafting it into a true blockbuster!

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