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Limited Company, Freelance and Contractor Accountants

Limited Company accounting

Embarking on a new limited company journey or considering a shift in accountants? RR Accountants offers tailored solutions with dedicated client managers and Chartered Certified Accountants.

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Unlimited support via various channels: email, telephone, video calls, and face-to-face meetings
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Trusted accountancy SERVICES for over 5,000+ clients across the UK.
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A team of caring individuals who are eager to simplify your life.
Our mission is clear:to  alleviate the burdens of accounting. With skills, compassion, and tech, we enhance both your business and personal lives.
Technology Driven
At RR Accountants, we provide a modern and direct solution for all your accounting requirements.
No more dealing with 'account managers.' You'll be assigned a dedicated accountant from our UK-based offices who'll understand your unique business needs.
Empower your business with user-friendly software & accountants.
Packed full of Features
Dedicated accountant
Your personal UK-based accountant is here to guide you, from getting started to answering any size of accounting query you may have.
More than just accounting
We go beyond mere number-doing. Whether it's additional bookkeeping support, expert advice on immigration, payroll, taxes, or outsourcing services, we have all your needs covered.
Limited Company accountants
Your personal accountants, experts in every business, are here to help you make smart financial decisions that boost your revenue.
RR Accountants One-to-One
Chat with your dedicated Client Success Manager or accountant over quick video calls. It's easy, reduces email clutter, and gets your questions answered faster.
Lightning fast turnaround
Enjoy a comfortable nine-month window with Companies House to file your accounts post-year-end. Need them sooner? No worries! RR Accountants' will provide swift service.
Smart software made for business owners
Discover the power of our user-friendly software at RR Accountants, designed to simplify your bookkeeping, invoicing, and payment tasks right at your fingertips.
Cashflow & Tax liability
We believe in a winning strategy: pairing our expert accountants with user-friendly tools. This powerful combination ensures you have clear insights into your cash flow.
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Stay compliant with our all-in-one accounting for ecommerce businesses. Designed simply by RR Accountants for entrepreneurs who want to focus on growing their ecommerce business.
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Frequently asked questions about

Limited Company Accounting

Do I need to audit my company?

The requirement for auditing your company depends on its size and structure. Small companies in the UK might be exempt from mandatory audits, but larger ones or those within a group may be obligated to undergo an audit. The specific criteria are outlined in company law, and it's recommended to review these regulations or consult with a professional to determine if your company needs to undergo an audit.

Do i pay dividends?

The decision to pay dividends depends on various factors, including the financial health of your company, its profitability, and the approval of shareholders. Dividends are payments made to shareholders from a company's profits, and they are typically declared by the board of directors. It's important to follow legal and regulatory requirements, assess the financial status of your business, and consider the preferences and agreements of shareholders before deciding to pay dividends. Consulting with financial experts or accountants can provide valuable insights tailored to your specific situation.

Who can Sign off my company accounts?

The signing of company accounts is typically done by the directors of the company. In the UK, the directors are responsible for preparing the financial statements and ensuring they present a true and fair view of the company's financial position. Once the directors are satisfied with the accuracy of the accounts, they sign off on them.

It's important to note that the signed accounts are usually submitted to the shareholders for approval at the annual general meeting (AGM). Additionally, in some circumstances, prior to signing off on the accounts, external auditors may need to audit them depending on the size and structure of the company.

Tax Obligations for Limited Company?

Limited companies in the UK have various tax obligations that they need to fulfil, inducing Corporate Tax, VAT (Value Added Tax), PAYE (Pay As You Earn), Annual Accounts and Tax Return, Employer's National Insurance Contributions, and Dividend Tax.

Do I need an accountant for a Limited Company?

While it's not a legal requirement to hire an accountant for a Limited Company, many businesses find it beneficial to do so for several reasons:

Complexity of Tax Laws
Time and Efficiency
Reducing Errors
Tax Planning
Financial Advice
Legal Compliance

While some small businesses may choose to handle their accounting in-house or use accounting software, having a professional accountant can provide peace of mind and strategic financial guidance.

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Why go Limited?
Minimising personal liability
Benefit from limited liability—a significant advantage when trading as a limited company. This structure separates the company's debts from your personal finances and reduces financial risk. Sole traders offer less protection in comparison.
Credibility and Professionalism
Opting for a limited company structure can elevate your business's professional image. Limited companies are perceived as more serious, established, and committed, making them preferred partners for some larger companies that may not engage with sole traders.'
RR Accountants can form your business for free
Launch your new venture with simple registration and full compliance. When you subscribe to one of our accounting plans, we'll even cover the expenses of your company's formation. Explore the details of our complimentary Limited Company formations here.
Before making decisions on how to establish your business, consider these important factors.
Here are some key advantages of opting for a Limited Company.
Tax & National Insurance efficiency
UK limited companies enjoy favorable Corporation Tax rates of 19–25% on profits, providing a more flexible and advantageous option for tax planning compared to sole traders, who face 20–45% Income Tax rates on their profits.
Investment and lending opportunities
Choosing a limited company allows for multiple owners, giving the possibility of raising additional capital through the sale of shares to new investors. Moreover, obtaining a company loan is often achievable without the need for shareholders or directors to pledge their personal property as security.
Do you need more advice?
Connect with our knowledgeable experts for advice and guidance on the benefits and drawbacks of opting for a Limited Company structure or any other service.
Benefits of a Limited Company

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